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Port of Long Beach achieves clean air goals ahead of schedule

According to recent research, air pollution emissions at the Port of Long Beach reduced in 2022 in all categories, confirming that the Californian port had accomplished all of the targets of the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan a year ahead of schedule.

According to the Port's annual emissions inventory report, which was given to the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, diesel particulates are down 91% from 2005, nitrogen oxides are down 63%, and sulfur oxides are down 97%, all while cargo container capacity is up 36%.

The annual inventory progress is usually compared to 2005, the year before the initial San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) was implemented.

Several significant factors influenced activity, efficiency, operations, and thus emissions in the study year 2022. By mid-year, the Covid-19 pandemic-related congestion had subsided.

Programmes to relieve congestion, such as vessel queuing, reduced the number of ships anchored. Long-standing port initiatives to greener landside operations continued to have an impact, with 19% of cargo-handling equipment at terminals now zero-emissions, as did the Port's Clean Truck Program and the continuous shift to cleaner vehicles to deliver goods.

"The Port of Long Beach’s impressive record of environmental achievement is widely known," stated Mario Cordero, CEO of Port of Long Beach.

He pointed out, "we couldn’t accomplish all that we have without the close cooperation of our industry partners, labour and each part of the supply chain who does business with us. Everyone deserves a great deal of credit for their willingness to do the right thing for the planet, maintaining that commitment through some challenging recent years, and helping us reach these green milestones."

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